Thursday, June 6, 2013

What if Disney villains were beautiful?


  1. Who´ve made those drawings? I like them! - though I think the curvy women, would still have been bautiful, had they kept their curves..!

  2. Well, Hook es actually hot, it just depends on the version you see. The one by Jason Isaacs, hot damn...

  3. wowwwwwwwwwww....who wdv then rooted for the heroes lol..not mee!

  4. Just watch 'Once Upon a Time'. They even have a hot Hook.

  5. Very interesting! I agree that the curvy women could have kept the curves.
    Ugly = evil
    Ugly + fat = evil
    Beautiful = good
    Beautiful + thin = good
    Beautiful + fat = unknown
    This is very thought provoking.
    All of these years of Disney movies and I never realized what a mind game they were playing. But then, all media (movies, TV, magazines) have been doing this also for years.

    1. You got it right! I'm going into therapy now LOL

  6. The beautiful pictures are actually kind of terrifying. As you grow up a lot of "bad guys" become more attractive and the stories become more intense. Kids can't handle that. It needs to be easy and not to scary. These bad guys aren't "ugly" they're just goofy looking. It keeps things light.
    Great pictures, though.

  7. Replies
    1. i have seen somewhere that ANGELINA JOLIE is supposed to make a movie with that title, with that character... there you go.

  8. If Jafar had been that hot, Jasmine would have had less of a problem (it's not like he was playing with open cards back then).

    The Queen of Heart is terrifying when she is pretty, such a neat face and so much cruelty.

  9. i think beautiful villains are far more scary...


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